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Bay Aerials Fremont

At Bay Aerials we believe that every child can become fit and comfortable with their bodies. We teach children about goals and how to set them. Within our positive setting and safe environment, we help children to reach their goals. Bay Aerials is a professional, fun, and family-friendly program. Movement and gymnastics are gently encouraged. Bay Aerials teachers and coaches are role models for our children.



Bay Aerials Gymnastics provides lessons for boys and girls of all different skill levels and age ranges. Whether your child is a beginner or advanced athlete, our program is here to help them progress and grow in our positive setting and safe environment.

Bay Aerials Gymnastics is thrilled to be the first gym in the San Francisco Bay / Tri-City area to offer Ninja classes and programs right here in Fremont. The Fremont Ninjas program emphasizes that for success in school, sports, and life, a child must learn to channel their impulses and energy toward a focused goal. We believe that if a child can learn to master this skill, they will be able to succeed in all of their endeavors. This theme runs through the entire Fremont Ninjas program teaching students to be responsible, focused, and safe all while having a blast and learning jaw-dropping skills! Like all Bay Aerials Coaches, Fremont Ninja instructors are technically trained and safety certified.

Bay Aerials Gymnastics is proud to announce that we are offering Artistic Aerial Silks Classes, With programs made for both children and adults, this artistic approach to fitness, coordination, and strength building is sure to please all! If you see us flying through the air with these silks at our gym, please feel free to join us!

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