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At Kinspace, we provide parents with the resources, education and community they need to thrive.


At Kinspace, we're redefining the way families experience pregnancy and early parenthood.
Our mission is to provide parents with the resources, education and community that they need to thrive. All of our classes, consultations and groups are taught from a nonjudgmental perspective, inclusive of all current best practices. Our programs are designed to help parents build confidence in their new role, and foster a community to share it with. We support moms, dads and partners as they learn to tap into their innate wisdom, and provide the education and tools to navigate their shift into parenthood.

Welcome to Kinspace: your modern parenting village.

McMoyler Method ™ Parent Prep Series

Mama + Babe
The Fatherhood
Sleep Learning for Baby + Toddler
Postpartum + Parenting Support at Home
Á La Carte Parenting Classes