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Doula Services - Childbirth Education - Placenta medicine - Rebozo instruction



Bodywork for Babies
Gentle touch for newborns and infants to integrate the birth experience, resolve trauma, aid in breastfeeding and normal movement development

Birth Doula Services
Providing you with information, education, support, comfort and reassurance through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum

Spinning Babies Parent Classes
The goal of Spinning Babies is to create conditions where baby can find the optimal positions for labor, making birth easier, less painful and even pleasurable!

Placenta Medicine
Nourishing the mother, celebrating the tree of life
Placenta Encapsulation, Tincture, Essence, Print,
​Placenta Art and more!

Rebozo Instruction
Labor comfort techniques using a long scarf called a rebozo. Relaxation, support, comfort, strength provided by your partner and doula

Embodied Labor Preparation and Childbirth Education classes
· Develop a deep relationship and trust with your own body
· Understand the natural physiological process of birth and how to best support it
· The benefits of Optimal Fetal Positioning in pregnancy and labor
· Rebozo techniques for an easier and more pleasurable pregnancy and birth
· Connect to your partner in unique ways and strengthen your bond as you grow your family
· Understand your newborn baby’s abilities and development, breastfeeding and all the changes
· Mindful parenting and partnering from the get go
· Practical knowledge for newborn care, baby wearing, diapering and soothing