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Becoming a parent: there’s nothing else like it.

It can be a time of profound reflection, looking back at your own family and how they’ve shaped you, and looking forward as you consider your own influence on your little ones as they grow.

It can be a time of great excitement and wonder — first kicks, first breath, first steps, first birthdays, first days of preschool. (How did that come so quickly?) As a parent you will also have your own growth and “firsts” too.

It can be a time of intense concern, worry, and seemingly constant decision-making, knowing that your choices now impact a little one, too. And, there is always that question of whether life will be “normal” again, when you can be your own person, and my gosh, go on a date sometime!

We get it–we’ve been there. And it’s nice to know that there’s a place with people who will meet you where you’re at.

As a center for Pregnancy, Lactation, and Early Parenting, we provide classes and groups, lactation support, and wellness services to help you take care of yourself, too.