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Discover all the places in the San Francisco Bay Area for your kids
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We are two moms trying to maintain our sanity as we chase our kids all over the San Francisco Bay Area. The Bay Area has so much to offer families that it can get overwhelming to navigate with kids in tow- unless you know what you want and what you’re looking for! The endless options are why we love raising our families here and also why we want to help!

We created this platform for fellow parents who want to stay in the know and learn about the hidden gems of the Bay Area. To make life easier for you, we have gathered all the information you need in one spot! Bay Area Moms can tell you where to find the best of the best, whether you are looking for a family friendly restaurant, or a fun place to explore with the little ones!

Our ultimate goal is for families to spend more quality time together, so stick with us and your family will be running all of the Bay Area in no time- and not just to chase your kids around.